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  “As a survivor of abuse, I have dedicated my life to the ministry of helping those in need. I am committed to the well-being of women and their families near and far. My vision is to see to it that women are empowered, enriched and living a safe and joyful existence according to their desires.
- Rayshel Stewart                         

The Women of Freedom Foundation was created in 2001 out of my personal plight with unresolved issues and challenges that needed addressing. After experiencing the personal pain of abuse, physical, mental, and emotional I was led to form a women’s support group. The group focused on the individual needs of women in the community, church and workplace that were not being properly dealt with. The group met monthly to listen, support, educate and empower its members while providing a safe place for healing. Professional social workers, licensed and lay counselors facilitated the groups and led the discussions. WFF received its official 501c(3) tax status in 2002 and in 2004 founded Freedom House, a residential facility for women who had been abused and/or victims of domestic violence was founded and opened.

Rayshel is a native of the Washington Metropolitan area born and raised in Maryland. The oldest of 5 siblings and a natural nurturer, Rayshel has always surrounded herself with what she considers to be the most beautiful of God’s creation – family, friendships and butterflies. The mother of two adult children, and grandmother of two young grandsons, Bryce & Karter, Rayshel has always had a fervent interest in family advocacy.

An altruist, she finds fulfillment in spreading good cheer and inspiration to all who just need a hand up. She has had extensive experience working with women, individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction as well as the homeless population. She studied at Baltimore County and Prince Georges’ Community College and spends her time mentoring and helping those in need of support in a variety of areas. She has served as a public servant and consultant for a variety of Federal and non-profit agencies. Rayshel is a community activist with strong ties to the Domestic Violence and Faith based communities. Her life experiences and leadership created the vision for Women of Freedom Foundation which is dedicated to providing women and their families to have a safe space to heal.
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