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  I am thankful for the Women of Freedom Foundation. Itís a fine organization that specializes in restoring and fortifying women who have various needs. When I was at my very lowest, I found a friend in the Women of Freedom Foundation. I was in need of shelter, clothing, prayers and counseling. When many people shunned me, Women of Freedom extended their hand to me. I was given a place to live and clothing. I received Godly counsel and prayers. Today I can look back and see how my life has changed. That's what this organization is all about. Thank you.

- RC

I was introduced to Rayshel Stewart of Women of Freedom Foundation during Bible Study class. Although my marital problems which included physical and emotional abuse were well-known to some, the intuitiveness of Ms. Stewart was an indication of pure concern; Ms. Stewart provided me with information which enabled me to understand the bigger and deeper pains of domestic violence.

I am very pleased with the referrals for counseling I received from WFF. Not only was the referral based on my current situation, but WFF also had the foresight to refer me for long-term counseling for future personal growth.

Today I feel that I am better equipped to handle what used to be troublesome, and I have no doubt that with each session, life will get better. Thank you Women of Freedom Foundation for your understanding and guidance.

- R.S.

I appreciate the prayer, encouragement, and support I received from the Women of Freedom Foundation, in particular, Ms. Rayshel Stewart. On several occasions I received clothing and was also able to bless another sister in need with clothing from the WFF. I was also able to benefit from the wealth of knowledge Ms. Stewart freely shared regarding housing. It's a blessing that we still have organizations such as the Women of Freedom Foundation in the community that are willing to give women from all walks of life a hand-up. Thank you!

- Maureen Whitsett

This circle of women, young and old has helped me come to grips with many of my own self imperfections and failures. The group has helped me to gain self confidence and a better understanding of who I am and who I want to become. This has all been accomplished through the healing power found in sharing my story and learning from others within the group. Bonds have been formed between me and the other women, and I can say with great enthusiasm that WFF has helped me to find the tools necessary to better myself. Additionally, information given on domestic violence and sexual abuse, has allowed me to be aware of what I have been exposed to, and how I can avoid future abusive relationships. I am grateful that I have been able to be a part of this very valuable and appreciated organization.

- K
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